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Top 20 Coworking Spaces in Santiago, Chile

West of Latin America, Santiago de Chile awaits. Remote workers know this city is an up-and-coming destination so we had to cover it in our Santiago Digital Nomad Guide. That said, we are also aware of the importance of coworking spaces as you dive into the specifics of the Chilean capital. That is why we have gathered for you the 20 best coworking spaces in Santiago, Chile. Let’s check some of the fantastic spots this place has to offer for you to network, co-work, and much more!

Coworking Spaces in Santiago, Chile for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Santiago, Chile for Digital Nomads and Startups

Top 20 Coworking Spaces in Santiago, Chile:

With locations all around Santiago, CoWork is one of the big players in the city. Constantly expanding, all kinds of location-independent workers can find everything they need on this spot.

Launch is another popular option for coworking spaces in Santiago. It has multiple offices throughout the city, all of them fully equipped with the necessary services to make any digital nomad at home.

  • Best for: location-independent workers and small business owners looking to network.

  • Neighborhood: Providencia, Vitacura, Callao

  • Locations:

  • Rates:

Entrepreneurs will find a great coworking and networking opportunity in Lofwork. They know how to cater to every worker looking to grow their business and network.

Another great place for entrepreneurs, IF has its own community and networking instances. If you are visiting Santiago and you need to find a way to make significant connections with locals, then maybe IF can help you out.

  • Best for: entrepreneurs looking to network

  • Neighborhood: Providencia, Las Condes

  • Locations:

  • Rates: Upon request, from the following:

    • Office

    • Desk

    • Private Office

Urban Station has a strong presence in Latin America and the world, so Santiago couldn’t be the exception. They are committed to giving a flexible experience, so any traveling worker should find comfort in its many amenities.

A nice local option, you can find Area CoWork strategically located in Santiago. Any creative profile can find comfort in its great coworking space.

  • Best for: creative workers

  • Neighborhood: Vitacura

  • Location: Área Cowork: Av. Vitacura 5093, of. 1201, Santiago, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

Hub Mustakis cares about its network’s development. Not only it fosters multiple talks and events to keep it active but it also curates its members with a postulation process. You can take the chance to be part of this very exclusive community.

At this point, WeWork is a familiar face in the coworking business. With offices almost everywhere, you know what to expect in professionality and services with this brand.

Regus is a global network of coworkers, offering spaces for them to connect and collaborate efficiently. Santiago’s chapter has all the perks for you to do so while you are visiting.

  • Best for: business folks looking for professional spaces, location-independent workers

  • Neighborhood: Vitacura

  • Locations:

    • Regus Santiago: 23rd & 24th Floors Edificio Isidora 3000 Av, Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Santiago, Chile

    • Regus - Santiago Vitacura: Av. Vitacura 2670, Piso 15, Las Condes, 7550698, Región Metropolitana, Chile

    • Regus: Av. El Golf 40, 12th Floor, Santiago, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

10. Spaces

With more than 459 offices in different countries, Spaces has built a coworking empire set to accommodate the needs of any kind of company. If you need to build a team or you are just passing by, Spaces is a global brand you can rely on when in Chile.

  • Best for: businesses of any size

  • Neighborhood: Las Condes

  • Locations:

    • Spaces: Av. El Bosque Nte. 211, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile 7550092, Región Metropolitana, Chile

    • Spaceworks: Av. Manquehue Sur 350, Las Condes, 7570088, Región Metropolitana, Chile

    • Spaces - Santiago de Chile, Spaces Apoquindo: Los Militares 4611, 17th Floor, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile 7560968, Región Metropolitana, Chile

    • Spaceworks (II): El Canelo 2715, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request, from the following options:

    • Office Space

    • Coworking Membership

    • Dedicate Desk

    • Virtual Office

11. Cango

Cango puts the fun in coworking. If you are part of a digital nomad family or just thinking of enjoying while working, Cango can blend the two nicely in their offices.

  • Best for: flexible digital nomads and families traveling and working

  • Neighborhood: Providencia

  • Location: Cango Cowork and Play Spa. Diego de Velasquez 2079, 7510183, Diego de Velásquez 2079, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

Well-being is at the core of Neuralis’ business. Its locations are designed to create a good environment to work in, with green areas and resting spaces.

13. Hive

With a luminescent and inspiring space, Hive wants you to get creative at work while they handle the rest. Digital nomads and entrepreneurs can look for innovation while at Hive.

  • Best for: entrepreneurs, creative workers

  • Neighborhood: Downtown (centro)

  • Location: Hive Cowork Chile: Bandera 236 Subterráneo Santiago, 8340419, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: (approximate)

    • Hot Desk:

      • Day: USD 16

      • Half-day: USD 9.20

      • Month: USD 146

    • Private office:

      • Day: USD 31

      • Half-day: USD 6.12

      • Month: upon request.

    • Virtual office:

      • Six-month: USD 125.50

      • Year: USD 224.50

We have long discussed the changes in the way we work. Breaking Work wants a part in this discussion, offering coworking spaces for those looking for that change. Their flexibility makes it a choice for digital nomads and laid-back professionals.

  • Best for: digital nomads

  • Neighborhood: Providencia

  • Location: Breaking Work: Alfredo Barros Errázuriz 1954, oficina 1403, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates:

    • Hot Desk: USD 138 a Month or 10 days for USD 102, + VAT

    • Cool Desk: USD 158.50 + VAT a month

    • Daily Pass: USD 13 + VAT

    • Digital Nomad Remote Desk: USD 222.50 + VAT

    • Digital Nomad Daily Pass: USD 6 + VAT

Modest yet comfy, Casa Origen offers more home-like premises for your coworking needs. If you long for a more house-vibe, you can check Casa Origen for a nice environment to work in.

  • Best for: location independent workers or small teams

  • Neighborhood: Providencia

  • Location: Cowork Casa Origen: Alfredo Rioseco 275, Providencia, 7501220, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

An open space with lots of sunlight, this house in Nuñoa has become CampoBase, a convenient coworking space. If you expect to have meetings here or are in the process of building a local team, you can check these guys out.

  • Best for: small teams

  • Neighborhood: Ñuñoa

  • Location: Cowork CampoBase: Lo Encalada 243, Ñuñoa, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

17. Enred

With multiple membership options, Enred offers very modern and professional premises for coworking. Plus, they are located in the strategic neighborhood of Las Condes, an important business district.

  • Best for: small business owners and entrepreneurs

  • Neighborhood: Las Condes

  • Locations:

  • Rates:

    • Private Office (for teams): USD 520 + VAT

    • Dedicated Desk: USD 189 + VAT for full-time, USD 132 + VAT for part-time.

    • Flex Desk: USD 89.50 + VAT for full-time, USD 65.50 + VAT for part-time.

Users praise Lyon’s professional and amiable ambiance, describing it as a nice and calm environment. They have also been mentioned as a friendly place for the businesswoman.

  • Best for: female digital nomad and entrepreneurs

  • Neighborhood: Providencia

  • Location: Lyon Cowork: Av. Ricardo Lyon 967, Providencia, 7510481, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

Centro Leñeria is a remodeled house from 1935 that became a cool green coworking space. If you are seeking a nice spot to draw some inspiration from, visit Centro Leñeria and get inspired.

  • Best for: creative location-independent workers

  • Neighborhood: Providencia

  • Location: Centro Leñería Triana: Triana 861, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Upon request.

Attention, digital nomads! The Providencia Municipality offers a free coworking space. It works without previous reservation and on capacity, so you might want to check it out early. They also offer events related to innovation.

  • Best for: digital nomads on a budget

  • Neighborhood: Providencia

  • Location: Hub Providencia - Infante 1415: José Manuel Infante 1415, Providencia, 7501300, Región Metropolitana, Chile

  • Rates: Free.

Closing thoughts on Coworking Spaces in Santiago, Chile

There you have it, a city filled with excellent coworking options for everyone. If you ever decide to visit Santiago, you will find multiple options to accommodate any of your coworking needs. Just make sure to check them out and select the one that truly adapts to your digital nomad experience.

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