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20 Best Coworking Spaces in Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the most charming cities in South America. We have long discussed this destination in our Lima digital nomad guide, as this place is sought by many for its wonderful scenery and great working conditions for location-independent workers. Let’s now focus on the best coworking spaces in Lima, some of the best spots to get acquaintanced with a great network of professionals, or to get some work done while you visit this amazing place. As usual, rates are monthly unless indicated otherwise.

Coworking Spaces in Lima for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Lima for Digital Nomads and Startups

Top 20 best coworking spaces in Lima:

Strategically located and focused on creative profiles, Spaces is a great choice for digital nomads looking for an inspiring place to work in. As usual, there are multiple options to cater to your needs, whether it's a desk or a full private office, Spaces has it.

WeWork is a global brand, and Lima would not be exempt from its presence. Established enterprises, scaling startups, or freelancers can take advantage of any of their multiple offices throughout the city.

Co-Labora is all about building a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and any kind of accommodation can be found here. They also have a special membership for nomad coworkers.

With a relaxed environment, Liberal is the place for digital nomads visiting Lima. Pet-friendly and packed with events, you can request a spot if you want a more easygoing ambiance to mix with the locals.

If you are looking for a more professional private office, Regus can help you. They provide every service needed so you can focus on your work while you visit Lima.

  • Best for: business owners and professionals looking for a more sophisticated ambiance.

  • Neighborhood: Miraflores, El Derby

  • Locations:

  • Rates: upon request, but starting at USD 199.

Comunal not only provides you with everything needed to work but also assesses you on working in hybrid environments. As remote working programs are on the rise, digital nomads can profit from coworking spots that devote themselves to the future of work.

  • Best for: digital nomads interested in the future of work

  • Neighborhood: Miraflores, San Isidro, Magdalena del Mar

  • Location:

  • Rates: you can choose any of the following and schedule a demo upon request:

    • Communal workplace

    • Communal working

    • Communal flexible office

    • Meeting rooms and events

Security, a terrace, reception, and even coaching. Idea Cowork wants you to feel comfortable while you are there. They have flexible plans for you to choose from.

  • Best for: small business, location-independent workers

  • Neighborhood: Magdalena del Mar

  • Location: Idea Cowork: Municipalidad Metropolitana de, Clemente X 182, Magdalena del Mar LIMA 17, Perú

  • Rates: upon request, among the following:

    • Free (come and go as you please in the common areas)

    • Meeting rooms

    • Training rooms

    • Office

    • Virtual Rooms

    • Visitor days (try the place for a couple of days)

    • Coaching rooms

    • Events

Partage is French for “sharing”. This community of innovative coworkers is also focused on changing how we work. Visit them if you are in Lima as a digital nomad to learn more.

9. Worx

Located in the heart of Miraflores, Worx offers a great spot for creative works and business owners looking for growth opportunities. The perks are many and are sure to suit your coworking needs.

10. Ubicua

Ubicua prides itself on its personalized service to its clients. Anyone looking for a more deluxe experience in coworking, or in need of quiet and privacy can check this option.

  • Best for: professionals who need a more private scene, entrepreneurs

  • Neighborhood: Magdalena de Mar

  • Location: Ubicua Offices: Av. Juan de Aliaga 425, Magdalena del Mar 15076, Perú

  • Rates: upon request, among the following:

    • Partner

    • Assigned desk

    • Executive desk

    • Private Office

Zona de Mejora (or “Improvement zone”) is a coworking space in Lima dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. Their goal is to potentiate their partners and create a network by giving support to everyone who joins them.

  • Best for: entrepreneurs and professionals looking to network

  • Neighborhood: Pueblo Libre

  • Location: ZONA DE MEJORA: C. Alfredo Maldonado 654, Pueblo Libre 15084, Perú

  • Rates: upon request.

DyD Coworking wants to inspire everyone who joins them in a nice and open space to get their creative juices going. In a process of modernization, its premises have all the requirements: equipped kitchen, private offices, meeting rooms, and more.

  • Best for: creative workers

  • Neighborhood: Surco

  • Location: DyD Coworking: Av. del Pinar 137, Lima 15038, Perú

  • Rates:

    • Monthly membership: USD 192

    • Weekly membership: USD 51

    • Daily membership: USD 13

It's clear that Miraflores is one of the most important districts in Lima, and The Workshop prides itself on its strategic location right in the middle of this neighborhood. Plus, the environment is cozy and welcoming for you to feel at work while working.

  • Best for digital nomads, and workers looking for strategic locations

  • Neighborhood: Miraflores

  • Location: The Workshop Coworking: Av. Comandante Espinar 860, Lima 15074, Perú

  • Rates: Upon request, with the option of private offices or desks.

Clean and elegant, My Office makes you feel as professional as it gets. Its ambiance is ideal if you plan to meet clients or potential ones while you visit.

  • Best for: sales profiles, small business owners

  • Neighborhood: Magdalena del Mar

  • Location: My Office - Oficinas compartidas y Coworking: Tomas Ramsey 930, Magdalena del Mar 15076, Perú

  • Rates:

    • Office for 2: USD 278 + VAT

    • Office for 3-5: USD 455 + VAT

    • Office for 6-9: USD 657 + VAT

Flexibility and knowledge sharing are at the core of Sinergia Peru’s business. They offer many options for you to settle in while visiting Lima, from offices to flex desks.

  • Best for: digital nomads, networkers

  • Neighborhood: Magdalena del Mar

  • Location: Sinergia Perú - oficinas hibridas, directorios y coworking: Av Javier Prado Oeste 757, Lima 15076, Perú

  • Rates:

    • Hybrid Office: starting at USD 176 + VAT

    • Private Office: starting at USD 265 + VAT

    • Meeting Room: starting at USD + 13 VAT

    • Virtual Office: starting at USD 12 + VAT

If you are the kind of digital nomad who prefers working in a cafe, Social Coworking & Cafe offers a middle ground. This spot integrates both, so you can enjoy a good cup of joe on your flex desk.

  • Best for location-independent workers, and digital nomads.

  • Neighborhood: Jesús María

  • Location: Social Coworking & Café: Jirón Caracas 2471, Jesús María 15072, Perú

  • Rates: Upon request.

Garage Cowork wants to foster ideas in its space designed for entrepreneurs. Find this professional office in the heart of San Isidro.

  • Best for: entrepreneurs, innovative profiles

  • Neighborhood: San Isidro

  • Location: Garage - Cowork: Av. Dos de Mayo 1545, San Isidro 15073, Perú

  • Rates:

    • Private office: starting at USD 99 + VAT

    • Fixed Desk: starting at USD 89 + VAT

    • Meeting Rooms: starting at USD 18 + VAT

    • Innovation Rooms: starting at USD 30 + VAT

Blu Work’s modern and chill office is a lovely coworking space for digital nomads looking for a cool environment to work in. Check them out if you are looking for a more contemporary style of coworking.

  • Best for: digital nomads who prefer the “traveling” part

  • Neighborhood: San Borja

  • Location: Blu Work: Av. Primavera 607, San Borja 15037, Perú

  • Rates:

    • Flex site: starting at USD 30 + VAT

    • Fixed site: starting at USD 56 + VAT

    • Private office: starting at USD 190 + VAT

With its own set of strategic partners and comfortable facilities in Surco, King Workplaces is a flexible coworking spot. If you are planning a short visit or trying your luck in Peru with your small business, you may want to give this place a go.

One of a kind, La Semilla is dedicated to working mothers. The space is prepared for you to raise your child in a community. Maybe you are a traveling digital nomad, or you are traveling solo and want to bond with other women. In any case, this is a unique workspace for you.

  • Best for women digital nomads, freelancers, or business owners

  • Neighborhood: Miraflores

  • Location: la semilla coworking: Calle, Gral. Silva 395, Miraflores 15047, Perú

  • Rates: Upon request.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Lima

As you see, Lima is packed with excellent coworking spaces for any of your needs. Aside from visiting this lovely city, digital nomads can spend as much time as they want in the many places available. Lima is ready for you to come in, so make sure you check these places out while you are in the city of the Incas.


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