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How to Scrape Google Results in Google Sheets (No Code!)

If you've been copy-and-pasting Google results manually whilst doing your SEO research, then you'd be glad to know that there is an easy way to do so without having to do any coding! Using the ImportfromWeb extension, you can easily scrape Google search results to your Google Sheets in a matter of minutes. This quick and easy guide will show you how to scrape Google Results in Google Sheets with no code required!

In case you find yourself in need of some video guidance, here's a tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

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Topics Covered:

Step 1: Navigate to ImportfromWeb Tool and attach the tool to your Google Sheets

Step 2: Create a new Google Sheets document

Step 3: Navigate to Extensions, find ImportFromWeb, and click on "Activate add-on"

Step 4: Type a query (keyword you would like to search for) in any cell

For example, we will use the keyword coworking spaces in Dubai.

Step 5: In a different cell type this formula: =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE(A1)

*replace A1 with the cell where you imported the keyword*

The tool will populate the results. You can add a header for each column including Keyword, Page Title, Meta Description, Link, and Date.

You can also include more than one keyword in the formula and perform a simultaneous search for multiple queries. You can just change the formula to include all the cells with your keywords. For example, if we have two keywords (coworking spaces in Dubai and coworking spaces in Manila) in cells A1 and A2, we can modify the formula as such: =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE(A1:A2).

The extension will populate results relevant to both keywords.


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