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How to Apply FAQ Schema with the WP Code Plugin in WordPress

Have you ever searched a query on Google and seen the "People Also Ask" section? There, you can find some interesting questions and answers that are related to your search query. Appearing in this People Also Ask section is a good way of increasing your visibility and traffic to your website. How do you appear there, you ask? Well, these answers don't just appear magically! They actually come up because the website owners apply an FAQ Schema Markup to their articles. This quick and easy guide will show you how to apply FAQ Schema with the WP Code Plugin in WordPress!

In case you find yourself in need of some video guidance, here's a tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

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Topics Covered:

Step 1️: Login to your WordPress Website

Step 2️: Navigate to Plugins and click to "Add New"

Step 3️: Find and Install WP Code, Activate the Plug-In

For example here, after installing the plugin you should still activate it first.

Step 5: Select "FAQ Page"

Step 6: Copy and paste the questions and answers

You can add more than one question by clicking on "+ ADD QUESTION". As an additional note, do not use quotation marks anywhere in the question or answer, as it will render the code unusable.

Step 7: Copy the code

The tool will generate the FAQ Schema Markup on the right-hand-side. Copy this code.

Step 8: Navigate to

Step 9: Select "CODE SNIPPET", paste the code and click "Run Test" - make sure the code has 0 errors

Step 10: Navigate back to WordPress, click to edit your article

Step 11: Under the WP Code plugin, select "Body" and paste the FAQ schema code

Step 12: Save and publish the article


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