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How to Find Trending Keywords on TikTok (TikTok Keyword Insights)

Are you feeling like you're behind on current news? Or are you afraid of missing out on recent trends? Or you're not even sure what's going on anymore in the world of TikTok? Don't fret! You can find out what is currently trending, what people are currently looking for, and what search queries people use on their ads on TikTok from TikTok Keyword Insights. This easy, step-by-step guide (with screenshots!) will show you how to find trending keywords on TikTok!

Before we get started, in case you find yourself in need of some video guidance, here's a quick 4-minute tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

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Step 2️: Select your Location (Region)

As an example, we will be looking at United States.

A table will show all the trending keywords in the United States from the Last 7 days, along with metrics which are Popularity, Popularity change, and CTR.

Popularity refers to the number of ad creatives that are using this keyword in campaigns. For example, for the keyword "50% off", there are roughly 7,000 ads in the United States that use this keyword in their campaigns.

Step 3: Change the number of days to see data in a longer time frame

You can choose to see the keywords from the Last 7, 30, or 120 Days.

Step 4: Search specific Keywords

You can also type in specific keywords to find more relevant queries in the country and within the length of time you selected.

For example, if you type in the keyword "coffee", the table will show the search queries that contain "coffee". There are 9 trending keywords containing "coffee" in the United States over the last 7 days.

Step 5: Change from Table to Cloud Format

Try changing the view from table format to cloud format. It will show a chart with all the relevant keywords and their metrics, as well as some related videos.

Step 6: Click on Details to get more insights on how these keywords are used in TikTok Ads and explore related TikTok videos

The Details will show you how the keywords were used in different contexts, including the format they're used in (i.e. voice-over, text overlay, ad text), the phrases they're used in, the CTR, and related videos.


As you can see, there are some interesting data you can get out of TikTok Keyword Insights. Aside from knowing what are the current trending keywords on TikTok, you can also gather some inspiration to enhance your content and advertising strategy!


Oct 10, 2023

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Sep 28, 2023

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