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How to Filter Google Ads Conversions in Looker Studio

Let's say you have multiple conversion actions. When you insert an element in Looker Studio and input the metric 'Conversions', what you get is a summary of all the conversion actions in your account. If you want to look at a specific conversion action, you can create and apply a filter. This quick and easy guide will show you how to filter specific Google Ads Conversions in Looker Studio!


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In case you prefer to watch a video tutorial instead, here's one you can follow from XYZ Lab's YouTube Channel!

Topics Covered:

1. Click on Insert and add any visualization of choice

2. Select your visualization and select "Conversions" as a metric under the SET-UP column

In this case, the visualization will display all the conversions. However, we don't want to see all the conversions; we want to narrow down to a specific conversion action. For example, we want to narrow it down specifically to this 2-minute conversion.

3. Scroll down and click on ADD A FILTER

4. Create a Filter that includes the "Segment Conversion Type Name" as per the name of your Google Ads Conversion

5. Save the filter and apply it to your visualization

Now the chart shows specifically the conversions that have been filtered according to the conversion action '2_mins'.

6. Hover over the metric under the SET-UP column and click on the pen symbol to rename the metric accordingly (Optional)

Now the metric that shows in the visualization have been renamed accordingly.

7. Repeat the same steps for any visualization of choice


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