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Top 19 Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong for Digital Nomads and Startups

Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong are a relatively new addition to the sphere of workspace solutions on the island. The concept behind them is that they provide many (if not all) of the conveniences of a typical office space, usually with unusual add-on features or services, at a much lower cost.

Almost all coworking spaces are equipped with Wi-Fi, storage lockers for personal belongings, and basic office equipment like scanners, printers, stationery, etc. Most also have food and beverages on-site for the convenience of their members. Then, they start to get interested.

Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Hong Kong for Digital Nomads and Startups

Hong Kong has been the gateway to Asia and mainland China for over a century. It’s a city that combines business with amazing cultural experiences and… great coworking spaces.

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The first thing most people notice about a coworking space is the ambiance. Many spaces are designed with specific styles that range from colorful and contemporary to chic and luxurious.

Décor aside, many coworking spaces also host events for their members, some provide business-boosting services, and others have specialized industry-specific equipment on-site (like design or photography equipment).

The variety of atmospheres and features makes coworking spaces attractive to many types of clients. As a result, most also have different workspaces available for their members.

Most coworking spaces feature a large, open-plan desk area that’s popular for students, freelancers, and other independently-employed workers. Many also have private offices for rent, typically for smaller enterprises. Often, you’ll also find event spaces or meeting rooms available for use.

The slew of potential needs that coworking spaces cover means they’re useful to almost anyone. Get away from the distractions of home, find a new partner or mentor for your business, make a friend in your industry, be closer to downtown after work... There are a million reasons that they could be great for you.

Finding a coworking space in Hong Kong can be tricky because of how many options there are out there, but these are some of the best. They’re all unique in their own way, so the most important thing is to find the space that works for you.


What is the cost of co-working spaces in Hong Kong?

The short answer is that it depends on where you want to work and what kind of services you expect.

The closer you are to a populous area, the more you can expect to pay. The more services available and the more expensive the décor, the higher you can expect the price to be. But that’s the stuff you probably already guessed.

Coworking spaces also list prices for different access options. That means when you want to work, how many hours you plan to work in a week, how often you expect access to your space, and what kind of a space you expect to work out (like a desk or a private office) of all factor into your price.

All the prices listed in this article are in HKD.

Hot desking, where you use any non-reserved desk available when you get there, will typically cost you about $2,000. But the range varies from lows around $1,500 to highs around $4,000.

A dedicated desk is basically a reserved desk for you. Some spaces don’t offer this option, but you can usually expect prices around $4,000. They generally cost between $2,000 to $5,000.

A third common option is to rent out a private office. Prices for these really vary from just above $3,000 to as high as $12,000. This typically depends on the amount of space and the décor of the room. Some places also charge a flat rate whereas others charge by the number of people in the shared office.

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Best coworking spaces in Hong Kong

Each of the top 5 listed below has multiple locations and a really well-defined focus. They know the best way that they can help you, and they know what their clients are looking for, which is why they’re great options to get started coworking in Hong Kong.

Some of the pricing tiers for these shared offices varied, so the closest alternatives to hot desking, dedicated desking, and private office rental were listed instead. All the prices listed in this article are in HKD.

Well-established with multiple locations across APAC, the Hive has 9 coworking spaces in Hong Kong alone. Their international experience lends well to their unique office spaces and curated events. Their Hive Studios and MakerHive locations even feature specialized services and spaces meant for designers, crafters, and professional photographers.

Best for: Creatives looking for a studio space

Location: Central, Wan Chai, Kennedy Town, Sheung Wan, Sai Kung, & more!

Rates: Hot Desk - $2,200 | Dedicated Desk - $4,500 | Private Office - $5,500

theDesk is all about bringing it back to the basics. Their minimalist spaces are clean and distraction-free. Their primary focus is on building spaces that are conducive to collaboration in order to empower you. If you’re looking to build up your network, you’ll like what theDesk has to offer.

Best for: Networking, minimalist aesthetic

Location: Admiralty, Sheung Wan, Causeway Bay, Sai Wan, Hung Hom Bay, Central

Rates: Hot Desk - $3,000 | Dedicated Desk - $3,500 | Private Office - $4,300

Luxury has found its home at Eaton Club. Their spacious event area goes well with their beautiful coworking space that mimics private lounges. More than just a place to work, Eaton Club offers a unique lifestyle experience.

Best for: Luxurious space, large events

Location: Central, Kowloon, Wan Chai

Rates: 10-day pass - $2,500 | Unlimited access - $4,500 | Multi-location access - $1,500

Every space designed by Garage Society has a different theme, community, and experience in mind. As a result, you’ll encounter different kinds of people at every location they have, but not to worry – Garage Society is happy to help you find a space that suits your needs with their community-centric approach to coworking spaces.

Best for: Customized spaces, professionals, online community portal

Location: Central, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Wan Chai

Rates: Hot/Dedicated Desk - $2,500+ | Private Office - $12,000

Founded in Hong Kong, Campfire uniquely embodies Hong Kong and its entrepreneurial spirit with their branding. Their offices are pet-friendly and their Kennedy Town location has a bar on-site. Those features along with their locations in budding communities make them ideal for young businesses and startups.

Best for: Young startups, freelancers

Location: Wong Chuk Hang, Kennedy Town

Rates: Hot Desk - $1,950 | Dedicated Desk - $3,850 | Private Office - $4,950


Best Co-working Spaces in Kwun Tong

Popular and well-known for their spacious interiors, Spaces features locations that are light, airy, and bright. As a result, Spaces has also managed to cultivate a community of positive, driven, and energetic people that makes for a great networking arena. Membership to Spaces grants you access to all of their locations.

Best for: Open workspaces, community

Location: Wai Yip Street

Rates: Membership - $2,808 | Dedicated Desk - $3,100 | Private Office - $3,300

Nexen Workshop’s Kwun Tong location is decorated in the style of classic Americana and an iconic representation of their fun, themed offices. Its great location makes it easy to access entertainment or food and beverage options after a hard day at work, and it’s only a short walk from several public transport options.

Best for: Theme, public transport accessible

Location: Wai Yip Street

Rates: Hot Desk - $1,500 | Dedicated Desk - $2,300 | Private Office – Contact Nexen Workshop

Best Co-working Spaces in Causeway Bay

Occupying over 30,000 square feet, The Work Project has offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces for their members to use. Equipped with a full-service pantry, organic coffee, and partnership access to over 20 restaurants, 4 gyms, hotels, and other lifestyle services, they’re not short on amenities either. On top of all this, they’re located only 2 minutes away from the Causeway Bay MTR station.

Best for: Public transport accessible, huge space

Location: Tang Lung Street

Rates: Part-time Hot Desk - $2,250 | Full-time Hot Desk - $4,450 | Private Office - $5,600

Desk-one’s key feature is their emphasis on a quiet and distraction-free space that’s conducive to focusing on work. They have a reading lounge, quiet focus zone with individual seating, and private rooms for group work – all free – depending on how much privacy you need. They’re also outfitted with conveniences like charging cables, printers, reading materials, lockers, food and drinks, and more.

Best for: Privacy, quiet ambience, simple amenities

Location: Leighton Road

Rates: 30 minutes - $22 | 3 hours - $88 | Day Pass - $128

Best Co-working Spaces in Quarry Bay

Located in the One Taikoo Place, The Great Room lives up to the standards of its address. Its luxurious interiors are remarkably spacious and feature a boardroom, private offices, private phone booths, and bar service.

Best for: Luxurious interior

Location: King’s Road

Rates: Day pass - $400 | Hot Desk - $4,000 | Private Office - $6,000

Banyan Workspace is unique in its social initiatives. When you sign up, you have a choice of four partnered NGOs who will receive a portion of your membership fees. Their stylish and modern offices have also been designed with eco-friendly materials, in line with their extensive recycling program.

Best for: Social mission, stylish interiors

Location: Hoi Chak Street

Rates: Hot Desk - $3,850 | Dedicated Desk - $4,000 | Private Office - $10,500

If you’re looking for a grounded, contemporary space, you’ve been looking for The Executive Centre. They don’t come with any special design frills but they’re sure to cover all your needs from workspaces to collaborative areas. They also feature on-site amenities like complimentary beverages, lounges, and a multilingual support team.

Best for: Multi-location access, simple amenities

Location: King’s Road, Westlands Road

Rates: City Pass - $4,000 | Dedicated Desk - $5,000 | Private Office - $8,000

Best Co-working Spaces in Kowloon

1. Ooosh Ooosh is dedicated to helping companies transform themselves and grow in the digital space. They have fostered a community of investors, founders, and experts in the digital marketing space as resources for their members, all accessible on their virtual platform.

Best for: Online platform and network

Location: Castle Peak Road

Rates: Hot Desk - $1,300 | Private Office – Contact Ooosh

Atlaspace has 3 different focuses. Their workspaces are fully equipped and ready to use. Their event spaces are meant for you to host whatever events you need – with an in-house service team. And their community space is where Atlaspace actually hosts their own events for members to attend for socializing and networking.

Best for: Hosting or attending events, Networking

Location: The Gateway

Rates: Hot Desk - $3,200 | Dedicated Desk - $5,000 | Private Office – Contact Atlaspace

Best Co-working Spaces in Tsim Sha Tsui

Bloom is dedicated to helping their members grow their businesses. That means they consider it a part of their mission to support you by providing a community and connections on top of your workspace. They also host female entrepreneur-centric events meant to promote businesses run by women.

Best for: Female entrepreneurs

Location: Canton Road

Rates: Part-time Hot Desk - $1,500 | Full-time Hot Desk - $3,000 | Private Office - $7,000

Named for its view overlooking Kowloon Park, Central Park is perfect for small businesses or freelancers who need a space to work and network. Its cozy atmosphere is great for connecting with other members.

Best for: View, networking

Location: Haiphong Road

Rates: Part-time Hot Desk - $2,500 | 24/7 Hot-Desk - $4,000 | Private Office - $12,000

Best Co-working Spaces in Sheung Wan

WeWork is a well-established global line of coworking spaces, so you know you’re getting service with experience. They’re not especially frivolous, but they have beverages, printers, meeting rooms, and private phone booths for your convenience at their Sheung Wan location.

Best for: Startups, freelancers, small businesses, simple amenities

Location: New Street

Rates: Hot Desk - $2,000 | Dedicated Desk - $4,000 | Private Office - $5,825

UNO stands out as a coworking space because they have a heavy focus on value-add services for their members. Like many other spaces, they host events for networking. Unlike many other places, they have a number of special services like mentorship, accounting services, IP advice, and more!

Best for: Unique business services, young businesses

Location: Connaught Road Central

Rates: Hot Desk - $3,000 | Private Office - $3,500

When you need a breather from work, why not go bouldering or play foosball? The theme of is that all work and no play makes Jack less productive. As a result, their vibrant workspace is furnished with both office and event spaces and fun activities for adults.

Best for: Entertainment

Location: Des Voeux Road Central

Rates: Hot Desk - $2,000 | Dedicated Desk - $4,000 | Private Office - $9,000


Closing thoughts on coworking spaces in Hong Kong

In a highly competitive society like Hong Kong’s, coworking spaces are a great solution for people who need workspaces. The wide variety of ambiences and services available means it’s easy to find an environment that suit your specific needs.

You can find a fun place that has lots of distractions so you can power through your work in anticipation of a good stress release. Alternatively, some spaces have partnerships with local gyms, restaurants, bars, or other businesses that might appeal to you. Or you could just find a quiet, well-lit area to hone your focus.

Many coworking spaces also realize the power of collaboration and specifically provide mentoring and networking opportunities for their members. Even freelancers benefit from having colleagues to discuss the climate of their field or professional practices.

Lots of them also offer free trials or guided tours, so visit their website or give them a call (or even just drop in). Find yourself a new working home!

Find Co-Working Spaces in Southeast Asian Startup Hubs:

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