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Top 22 VC Funds and Angel Investors in Taiwan

In recent years, Taiwanese startups have witnessed a rise in venture capital investment, government efforts, and sectoral changes. These developments have rekindled creativity and promoted more entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the country. Coupled with favorable market circumstances and closeness to major markets, Taiwanese startups have a strong chance to succeed in the market. This article provides a comprehensive list of top venture capital funds and angel investors in Taiwan that can assist you in your startup journey.

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VCs and Angel investors in Taiwan
VCs and Angel investors in Taiwan

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Taiwan's expanding startup ecosystem offers a variety of funding alternatives, with a number of reasons that make raising funds in the country attractive to startups:

  1. Access to capital: In Taiwan, domestic firms are particularly active in startup funding, participating in transactions directly or through venture capital investment. Among 353 investments conducted in 2021, 228 transactions are made by domestic Taiwanese firms, representing over 50% of the industry, in comparison to around 25% worldwide.

  2. Access to talent: With one of the highest percentages of university graduates in the world, Taiwan's workforce is highly educated and technically adept, emphasizing heavily science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Aside from local talent, Taiwan is also inviting foreign workers. The government introduced the Taiwan Employment Gold Card in 2018, which grants work permits, residency permits, and visas for talented professionals. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides Entrepreneur Visas to persons who want to stay in Taiwan to establish their firm.

  3. Access to markets: Centrally placed in Asia, Taiwan offers several geographical benefits. Adjacent to important markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea, the country provides access to promising markets and economies of over 2 billion people. As a place of business, Taiwan is ranked sixth out of 184 economies worldwide according to The Heritage Foundation's 2022 Index of Economic Freedom.

The venture capitalist funds below are actively looking for investments in promising companies throughout various stages and sectors. The stages stated do not limit the possibility of getting funding if your company is at any stage other than what is listed.

  • Year of Inception: 2015

  • Stage: Seed

  • Focus: Health Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: Laguna Bio, Interface Biosciences, BunkerHill, Karius

Pacific 8 Ventures make investments in revolutionary technology platforms that are revolutionizing healthcare. Though located in Taiwan, they focus primarily on the US market and would prefer to be the first institutional investor at the early level.

  • Year of Inception: 2015

  • Stage: Seed

  • Focus: Sector Agnostic, Student Entrepreneurs

  • Notable Portfolio: TapPay, Alchema, Rooit, Tuanyuannuts

Created by students for students, Rookie Fund is an investment fund that focuses on student entrepreneurial initiatives. As student entrepreneurs themselves, Rookie Fund offers student entrepreneurs a quick and easy investment procedure as well as a world-class mentor network from a variety of professional backgrounds and Internet experience. To qualify, at least one co-founder must be in school or within two years of graduation, and both undergraduate, master's, and doctorate degrees are accepted.

  • Year of Inception: 2018

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: GoWork, Aspire, Hive, NinjaVan, SpaceX

ACE Capital is a technology-oriented venture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage firms in North and Southeast Asia. They put an emphasis on people and their individual characteristics. Their investment decision is based on three critical factors: the, founders and core team, the timeliness of the startup's product and services, and the business's addressable market.

  • Year of Inception: 2018

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: Canner, ALPHA Camp, Atalyan, Phase

Hive Ventures believe in an AI-powered hyperconnected world. They invest in early-stage teams who are creating the foundations of a hyperconnected future using data and technology, starting from Taiwan to the rest of the world.

  • Year of Inception: 2011

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Deep Tech

  • Notable Portfolio: CarFellows, Indigo Technologies, Wikitude, Oomii

Powered by Audi AG and Continental AG, Mosaic Venture Lab is a product development accelerator and early-stage venture capital firm focused on the mobility industry. They are the vanguard of the smart mobility revolution and would like to assist you in propelling your solutions forward. They will assist you in conducting deep tech research, co-build and developing products, discovering proof of concept opportunities, expanding outside your regional market, and validating prospective investments.

  • Year of Inception: 2005

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Mobile, Executable Internet, SaaS, IPTV and Internet Video, Pay-For-Performance Marketing and Advertising Security

  • Notable Portfolio: Amino Apps, Visage Payroll, Wiser, Trace Genomics

Stage 1 Ventures is an early-stage venture funding firm who are looking to form relationships with promising entrepreneurs and drive companies' growth. Their breadth and depth of venture financing and operating expertise make it a reliable partner for entrepreneurs aiming to expand their businesses. They allow portfolio companies to leverage their worldwide network and a vast range of expertise, relationships, and resources.

  • Year of Inception: 2014

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Sector Agnostic Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: 91App, Tezign, Wish, hahow

Based in Taiwan but global in mind, Cherubic Ventures invest in forward-thinking founders worldwide. They are a seed-stage fund that invests in pre-product/market fit firms, helping them from the start of their journey (angel) to the growth stage (pre-IPO). To date, they have invested in over 150 businesses, forming a network of over 500 founders, advisors, and institutional investors.

  • Year of Inception: 2013

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: USPACE, FundPark, Shopback, AsiyaYo

Believing in a future that contains boundless opportunities, Cornerstore Ventures invests in digital startup firms and firms that use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. They invest in startups with ties to Taiwan, such as Taiwanese entrepreneurs overseas, foreign startups considering expanding to Taiwan, or firms that are already functioning in Taiwan. As an investor, they prioritize long-term partnerships with founders in order to build the firm and jointly fulfill the founders' goals.

  • Year of Inception: 2017

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: FoodTech, AgriTech, BioTech, Supply Chain, Logistic, Delivery, Packaging, Cloud Kitchens, RestaurantTech, Automation, Robotics, E-commerce, Smart Retail, Scalable Brands, Alternative Protein, Urban Farming

  • Notable Portfolio: Tsaitung Agriculture, DOTDOT Global, Lypid, Botrista

Foodland Ventures is a venture capital firm and accelerator that invests in the next generation of AgriFood tech startups that are using technology to drive changes in the global food industry. They are designed for startups at various stages to assist them in efficiently raising funds and expanding their businesses. As their portfolio company, you may benefit from their network and collaboration with premier F&B brands, industry partners, mentors, and investors throughout Asia and North America.

  • Year of Inception: 2018

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Blockchain

  • Notable Portfolio: GoFreight, Lucy Labs, Light Matrix, Kryptogo, CharmVerse

Named after a Taiwanese major academic institution's distinctive red building, the Red Building Capital is Taiwan's first venture capital business focused on blockchain, emerging technologies, and digital integration. Through a venture studio setting, they facilitate venture investments as well as assist in growing startups. Before committing funds, they help startups validate their product or services with corporate clients, and after investment, they assist startups in business development, technology integration, and market connection.

  • Year of Inception: 2021

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Web3.0, AI, 5G, Edge Computing, Mobility, HealthTech, Smart Manufacturing, FinTech, VR/AR/XR, Metaverse, Next-generation Technologies

  • Notable Portfolio: Dayta, Docosan, ClearMind Biomedical, IRONYUN

Launched in the middle of the pandemic, XCEL NEXT is committed to assisting entrepreneurs and startups that are speeding the digital changes that will alter industries and improve people's lives in the new digital borderless world. They utilize their large network and global resources to help early-stage innovators expedite their venture creation process and create the next market-leading enterprises.

  • Year of Inception: 2017

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: Technology, SaaS, AI, IoT, Enterprise Software, Information Security, 5G, Advanced Manufacturing, Therapeutics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Digital Health, Medical Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: AESOP, Point Robotics, Elixiron Immunotherapeutics

Taiwania Capital aims to create an innovative entrepreneurial environment in Taiwan by connecting technology and financing. They invest in cutting-edge firms and nurture startups for the future, focusing mostly on Taiwan's current strengths, such as the technology and biotech industries. To date, they have established four funds to connect global innovation clusters and bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and strategic partners.

  • Year of Inception: 2014

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: Technology, Advanced Materials, Health/Life Sciences, ICT, IOT, Robotics/Automation

  • Notable Portfolio: GOOGOL Technology, Apexigen, Cleanwave Technologies, Finch

The Trans-Pacific Technology Fund (TPTF) is a venture capital fund investing in disruptive technologies that are altering the future of global industries. Believing that exceptional people are the foundation of every successful organization, they regularly collaborate with the CEOs of our portfolio companies to help them flourish. They consider themselves a dedicated partner who will provide the capital and also large worldwide resources and deep sector experience to develop great companies.

  • Year of Inception: 2012

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: Financial Services

  • Notable Portfolio: Money101, Edirect, Lion & Lion

Nova Founders Capital is a global investment firm that invests in businesses that are revitalizing the financial services sector. To reshape the future of finance, they collaborate with exceptional entrepreneurs and give them with the resources they need to establish a market-leading and sustainable business. Their team of professionals will also help in expanding existing successful businesses into new geographical regions and developing markets.

  • Year of Inception: 1993

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: Healthcare Biotech AI Robotics IoT Fintech Insurtech Blockchain Sustainability New Media

  • Notable Portfolio: AULISA, Coffee Meets Bagel, YesHealth, GrubMarket

Founded in 1993, WI Harper Group is one of the pioneers in venture capital investing in Taiwan. Since then, they have invested in over 400 businesses in different regions of the world and have amassed a portfolio of over 100 successful IPO and M&A exits. With years of expertise in building successful global businesses, they share their knowledge and resources in finance, fundraising, management, and operations assistance, as well as top-tier contacts and networks to help startups grow and expand across markets.

  • Year of Inception: 2015

  • Stage: Series A

  • Focus: Electronics

  • Notable Portfolio: TrueWin, Centera Photonics, Quadric, Movellus

Mesh Ventures invests in firms that use technology to tackle crucial challenges and create impactful applications. The team works directly with entrepreneurs to identify opportunities and solve problems by linking them to the MESH Network, their worldwide network of industry partners spanning from foundries to OEMs.

  • Year of Inception: 1997

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B

  • Focus: Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: Paytm, Feima Robotics, NeuroBlade

MediaTek Ventures is the venture capital arm of MediaTek, a Taiwanese semiconductor company. Since its inception in 1997, they have amassed tremendous experience in sectors that are influencing the new digital age. Aspiring to improve people's lives via technology, they invest in startups that are innovating in the technological, market, and business model areas. They support startups in developing partnerships with major worldwide partners in the technology industry, advising on optimal business practices, and assisting with market research and R&D.

  • Year of Inception: 1979

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: Sector Agnostic, Electronics / Semi Conductor, Precision Machinery, Opto-eletronics, Biotech / Health, Automotive, Textile, Creative Industry

  • Notable Portfolio: APAQ Technology, Mosa, Calitech, ScinoPharm, TWR Entertainment

Industrial Technology Investment Corporation (ITIC) is the venture financing arm of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a long-standing R&D consortium. As a subsidiary of ITRI, ITIC has a depth of tech experience as well as a range of resources that few investment companies can match. With over 6,000 tech specialists, 24,000 alumni experts, 25,000 patents in robotics, innovative materials, biotech, and a worldwide network of collaborations, they provide an unrivaled advantage to startups.

  • Year of Inception: 2003

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: FinTech, Biotechnology and Healthcare, Taiwan's 5+2 industries

  • Notable Portfolio: 91APP, KKDAY

Cathay Ventures is a subsidiary of Cathay Financial Holdings, Taiwan's largest financial holding corporation. It invests in technologies at various phases of development and brings together insurance, securities, banking, and other diverse financial institutions to create a fully operational platform. Cathay Ventures can assist portfolio companies in improving their products and services and optimizing their management and corporate governance by utilizing Cathay Financial Holdings' marketing and distribution channels, as well as rich customer and data resources.

  • Year of Inception: 2001

  • Stage: Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C

  • Focus: Semiconductor

  • Notable Portfolio: Taiwan Semiconductor, ACT Genomics, AULISA, Appier

UMC Capital is an evergreen VC fund that provides long-term funding to portfolio firms as well as provides management advice and other services. With a platform that combines over 40 years of deep tech knowledge, they assist startups in numerous ways, such as product advancements, solution delivery, proof-of-concept, management counsel, and more.

The Angel investors listed below are part of an Angel community located throughout Taiwan. They may act as an individual or as a syndicate to fund projects of their preference, so these networks are the best opportunity for you to find a potential Angel with an aligned vision and interests.

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Manufacturing, Healthcare

  • Notable Portfolio: Botrista, Serinus Labs, CapsoVision

Taiwan Global Angels is a global network of angel investors that invests in early-stage startups leading the industrial automation and digital transformation, with deep tech and artificial intelligence perspectives. As former entrepreneurs, the members are subject matter experts in healthcare, hardware, manufacturing, finance, and investments who are keen to support other entrepreneurs.

  • Stage: Seed

  • Focus: Biotech & CleanTech, Cultural Creativity Industry, Mobile & Commerce, Software & Services, Technology & Hardwarea

  • Notable Portfolio: Tensor Tech, Eureka FinTech, Lumistar, FunNow

Taipei Angels (TA) is a seed funding angel group consisting of over 80 top executives and entrepreneurs who are interested in investing their time, experience, and money in cutting-edge startup firms. They invest in a diverse range of businesses and collaborate with driven entrepreneurs to identify and build the next great thing that contributes to science, technology, and the economy.

Perfectly positioned to build a startup cluster, Taiwan's strategic position, increased government support, and emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship make it an appealing place for businesses seeking funding and growth prospects. As Taiwan's economy is vibrant and developing, its startup ecosystem will continue to receive and welcome entrepreneurs and investors; paving its way to becoming a new startup hotspot in Asia.


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