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Top 5 VC Funds and Angel Investors in Azerbaijan

In recent years, Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem has grown and evolved significantly, creating a conducive climate for innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological developments. Azerbaijan acts as a gateway for companies aiming to develop into regional and worldwide markets due to its strategic location between Europe and Asia. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top VC funds and angel investors in Azerbaijan that may be the right funding partner for you.

VCs & Angel Investors in Azerbaijan

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Why Should You Raise Funds in Azerbaijan?

Several key factors contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem that make some compelling reasons for startups to raise founds in the country. These include government support, the availability of co-working spaces and incubators, and access to skilled talent.

Government Support:

The Azerbaijani government recognizes the importance of startups in promoting economic growth and employment creation. As such, the government has established a number of measures and programs to promote the growth of the startup ecosystem. For example, the State Fund for Development of Information Technologies provides grants, loans, and investment possibilities to early-stage firms. Furthermore, the National Agency for Entrepreneurship and Turnover Development provides assistance, training, and mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Incubators, Accelerators, and Co-working Spaces:

Incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces play an important role in the development of startups by providing low-cost office space, networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to resources. There are a number of incubator and accelerator programs in Azerbaijan that provide a variety of services for businesses in several areas, including mentorship, training programs, and access to capital. The incubator also hosts events and courses to encourage entrepreneur collaboration.

Skilled Talent:

Azerbaijan has a large number of talented people with expertise in a variety of fields, including technology, engineering, and business. A robust educational system in the country, particularly in STEM subjects, assures a consistent supply of skilled individuals. Many colleges and educational institutions have also implemented entrepreneurship and innovation programs to encourage students to create their own businesses.

Venture Capitalist Funds in Azerbaijan

The venture capitalist funds below are actively looking for investments in promising companies throughout various stages and sectors. The stages stated do not limit the possibility of getting funding if your company is at any stage other than what is listed.

  • Year of Inception: 2022

  • Stage: Pre Seed, Seed

  • Focus: Sector Agnostic

  • Notable Portfolio: JobEscape, Kikliko, Tripsome, Magic Port, Testedweb

  • Contact

Caucasus Ventures is a reputable investment company focused on the Caucasus area, notably Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Central Asia. The venture capital firm is committed to assisting and developing innovative entrepreneurs with significant development potential. They understand the financial constraints that many entrepreneurs encounter, and their expertise rests in spotting promising projects and giving them the capital they require to bring their ideas to completion. However, they also offer more than just finance; they provide essential advice and mentorship to the businesses in which they invest.

  • Year of Inception: 2017

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: FoodTech, eCommerce

  • Notable Portfolio: -

  • Contact

Relatively Fund is an investment firm that focuses on providing capital, mentoring, and support to high-growth entrepreneurs. Relatively Fund strives to help early-stage firms realize their goals and accelerate their growth by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. Relatively Fund invests for the long run, understanding that establishing a successful business requires time and devotion. The firm not only provides funding but also strategic advice and coaching to assist entrepreneurs in navigating the obstacles of expanding their businesses.

  • Year of Inception: 2011

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Information Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: Manads, Vital, MultiBon, Golden Pay, Sazz

  • Contact

Infipro Venture Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage information technology, internet, and software companies. They offer entrepreneurs the funding, technical experience, and management support needed to fuel their long-term development potential. They typically invest in early-stage companies that require funding to develop innovative products or services and penetrate the market.

  • Year of Inception: 2013

  • Stage: Seed, Series A

  • Focus: Sector Agnostic

  • Notable Portfolio: WeTravel, Paymes, Nextsale, Ticketsetup, Uvodo

  • Contact

Khazar Ventures is an Azerbaijan-based early-stage venture capital firm. They specialize in supporting the most creative tech firms, especially in the United States and Azerbaijan. Khazar Ventures is instrumental in supporting and helping their portfolio firms' growth. They provide strategic advice, coaching, and access to their enormous network of contacts, all of which may be quite beneficial in assisting startups to establish themselves in the market. They place attention on developing long-term relationships with their portfolio firms, actively supporting and nurturing them as they face the challenges of expanding their businesses.

Angel Investors in Azerbaijan

Angel investors may act as an individual or as a syndicate to fund projects of their preference, so these networks are the best opportunity for you to find a potential Angel with an aligned vision and interests.

  • Stage: Pre Seed, Seed

  • Focus: Technology

  • Notable Portfolio: UNIIC

  • Contact

Technovate Sabah Angel Investors Club is a collaboration between Technovate, a worldwide venture studio and early-stage investment vehicle, and SABAH.HUB, a startup promotion organization. As a club of investors from Azerbaijan and Georgia, Technovate Sabah focuses on investing in projects with global potential. They want to support and grow technology firms in developing countries, especially Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Central Asia. The club offers entrepreneurs the required funding, skills, and mentoring.

Closing Thoughts on VCs and Angel Investors in Azerbaijan

Despite Azerbaijan's recent progress, the startup environment still faces some difficulties that must be addressed. These include limited access to early-stage finance, bureaucratic roadblocks, and the requirement for additional support infrastructure development. However, with continued efforts from the government, venture capital firms, and the entrepreneurial community, Azerbaijan's startup ecosystem appears to have a bright future.

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