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3 Best Coworking Spaces in Podgorica

Podgorica, Montenegro, stands out as an appealing place for digital nomads looking for a perfect balance of work and pleasure. Despite being Montenegro's capital and largest city, Podgorica retains a tranquil atmosphere, providing a welcome relief from the hectic metropolitan landscapes typically associated with digital nomad hotspots. With a population of over 200,000, Podgorica features the perfect mix of small-town familiarity and urban conveniences, generating a feeling of community among both inhabitants and tourists. This inviting attitude extends to the city's digital nomad community, which brings people from many backgrounds together to share their experiences, ideas, and inspiration.

As a digital nomad, you can expect to discover affordable co-working spaces, trendy cafés, and a welcoming social scene that promotes both work and relaxation in Podgorica. In terms of Podgorica’s cost of living, individuals may easily live in Podgorica on an average monthly budget of $1800, while couples can expect to spend roughly $2500 per month. This affordability, along with the city's relaxed atmosphere and variety of coworking spaces, cafés, and outdoor recreational possibilities, makes Podgorica an appealing location for digital nomads looking for a meaningful and cost-effective lifestyle.

Find Coworking Spaces in Podgorica
Find Coworking Spaces in Podgorica

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Why Coworking in Podgorica?

Coworking in Podgorica, Montenegro, provides a unique set of perks that make it a perfect destination for digital nomads looking for a productive and enjoyable work-life balance. First and foremost, Podgorica has a dynamic environment defined by its rich cultural legacy and breathtaking natural beauty. From its historic buildings to its lush parks and picturesque riverfront promenades, the city creates a stimulating environment for coworking, encouraging creativity and innovation among its citizens and tourists. The bustling mood pervades the city's coworking spaces, which act as dynamic hubs for collaboration, information exchange, and professional development.

Podgorica is already seeing the rise of a friendly and flourishing digital nomad community, which fosters a creative environment conducive to creativity and networking. Podgorica has experienced an upsurge in meeting groups and expat communities, providing a forum for expats to interact, exchange experiences, and find support. Coworking spaces act as incubators that allow digital nomads to meet like-minded people, form beneficial relationships, and broaden their professional networks. Whether via structured events, workshops, or casual networking sessions, coworking in Podgorica offers several possibilities to form important contacts and tap into a wealth of experience from a variety of sectors.

Furthermore, Podgorica's attractiveness as a center for digital nomads goes beyond its coworking spaces, with the city offering a variety of sights and activities to enjoy in your spare time. From seeing historical attractions like the Old Town and Millennium Bridge to immersing oneself in nature at Lake Skadar National Park or trekking in the neighboring mountains, Podgorica has limitless chances for adventure and leisure. Furthermore, the city has a thriving culinary scene, with several cafés, restaurants, and street food markets providing wonderful local and foreign cuisine. Whether looking for inspiration from the city's cultural icons, relaxing in its natural surroundings, or indulging in its culinary pleasures, Podgorica offers digital nomads a well-rounded experience that mixes work, leisure, and discovery.

What is the Cost of Coworking Spaces in Podgorica?

In Podgorica, Montenegro, coworking spaces cater to various budgets and preferences, offering flexible options for digital nomads and professionals. Coworking day passes in Podgorica range between USD20-USD50 per day and typically provide one-time access to the coworking space, often in an unassigned area, along with amenities and services. Meanwhile, the average cost for a monthly coworking membership in Podgorica starts at around USD 160 per month. Dedicated desks in coworking spaces are typically priced 20-30% higher than hot desking coworking memberships.

Additionally, the city offers private offices and team suites with varying price ranges based on size, location, and specific features or needs. Prices generally start at around $600.00 for a single-occupancy private office, with variations based on specific features or needs of the team. 

What are the Best Coworking Spaces in Podgorica?


Google Maps Rating: 4.9

Nest coworking provides a distinct and engaging atmosphere adapted to the demands of digital nomads and remote workers. Nest offers a beautiful combination of coworking and coliving, with 20 contemporary rooms tucked between two stone buildings in the center of the Old Town. The coliving area was meticulously created with remote worker’s needs in mind, resulting in a productive and stress-free living experience. Each room has a workstation and a working chair, making it perfect for uninterrupted work and video chats, while the on-site coworking area accommodates 8 to 10 people and features lots of natural light and a high-speed fiber connection. 

Furthermore, Nest promotes a strong feeling of community by sponsoring daily activities to create relationships between travelers and digital nomads, making it an ideal environment for lone travelers. Nest coworking space in Podgorica prioritizes comfort, productivity, and community, making it a friendly home for digital nomads looking for a meaningful and balanced stay in Montenegro.

Upbeat hub Coworking Space
Upbeat hub Coworking Space

Google Maps Rating: 4.9

Upbeat Hub distinguishes itself as a leading collaborative workspace and innovation center, providing a diverse atmosphere that goes beyond standard coworking spaces. This dynamic center offers an I2 space and skilled mentors who are committed to encouraging co-creation and assisting startups in developing new solutions to community issues such as local services, tourism, housing, and jobs. Notably, Upbeat Hub provides a variety of services to freelancers, startups, and established businesses, such as a Maker space, start-up incubator, and coworking space, all of which are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, personal lockers, and other amenities to ensure a comfortable and productive work environment. 

Upbeat Hub distinguishes itself with its community-focused services, which include business development help, mediation in community impact investing, innovation testing, and a School of Innovations. Upbeat Hub also functions as a nexus for collaboration, creativity, and social impact, making it an excellent venue for Podgorica's creatives and innovators looking to work on their passion projects while making a positive impact in the community.

Mtel Digitalna Fabrika Coworking Space
Mtel Digitalna Fabrika Coworking Space

Google Maps Rating: 4.6

MTEL Digitalna Fabrika is a contemporary and spacious coworking space located in the center of Podgorica, Montenegro, that provides a stimulating atmosphere for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises. The location is conveniently accessible and offers a variety of services, such as a Skype room for virtual meetings, a fully-equipped kitchen, a playground for leisure, a classroom for seminars or training sessions, and a networking and collaboration area. 

This coworking space is intended to provide a productive and exciting work environment for its members, while also encouraging a feeling of community and cooperation. Most importantly, MTEL Digitalna Fabrika provides all of these services for free, making it an appealing choice for local entrepreneurs and digital nomads visiting the city. With its great location, first-rate amenities, and free parking, MTEL Digitalna Fabrika is the ideal place to work, network, and build your business in Podgorica.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Podgorica

The coworking spaces in Podgorica, Montenegro, provide a variety of options adapted to the needs of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. As the nature of work evolves, these shared spaces have become critical hubs for collaboration, creativity, and professional advancement, contributing significantly to the city's attraction to individuals seeking a congenial and lively workplace. Overall, coworking in Podgorica provides a unique combination of career possibilities, networking opportunities, and lifestyle perks, making it an enticing location for digital nomads looking for a rewarding and enlightening experience.

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