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15 Best Coworking Spaces in Warsaw

With a population of over 1.7 million, the lively metropolis of Warsaw, Poland provides an exciting backdrop for remote work, brimming with diverse neighborhoods and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. The city's youthful energy, fuelled by a thriving tech economy and a vibrant startup culture, permeates its streets; attracting creatives, entrepreneurs, and remote workers from all over the world. A rich wealth of activities awaits exploration on Warsaw's bustling streets, ranging from ancient sites and cultural events to modern coworking spaces and creative digital centers.

Moreover, Warsaw's allure extends beyond its cultural offerings to its remarkably reasonable cost of living. For solo adventurers, the average monthly expenditure ranges from $1,200 to $1,500 USD, whilst couples can comfortably manage a budget of $2,000 to $2,500 USD per month. At the intersection of history and innovation, Warsaw emerges as a top choice for digital nomads looking to enjoy the adventure of remote work while immersing themselves in the heart of Eastern Europe. If you're interested in exploring the vibrant ecosystem in Poland, do check out our article on Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Poland and VC Funds and Angel Investors in Poland. 

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Why Coworking in Warsaw?

Coworking in Warsaw, Poland is an appealing option for digital nomads looking for a vibrant and friendly environment to thrive in. Warsaw's coworking spaces offer more than simply a desk and an internet connection; they also foster creativity, innovation, and cooperation. The city's coworking environment is defined by a spirit of innovation and creativity, making it an appealing location for people looking to fuel their entrepreneurial ventures or engage in remote work. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, being involved in Warsaw's coworking movement means joining a community of like-minded people driven by ambition and enthusiasm. Furthermore, Warsaw's coworking spaces are outfitted with contemporary facilities, high-speed internet, and comfortable work environments, responding to the demands of digital nomads and remote workers.

One of the most appealing parts of coworking in Warsaw is the numerous networking chances it provides. Coworking spaces, with their ever-expanding ecosystem of startups, tech firms, and creative endeavors, serve as hotspots for chance meetings and beneficial contacts. Individuals may easily develop their professional network and make vital contacts in Warsaw's lively coworking community by attending structured networking events, casual gatherings, or using shared common areas. Whether you're seeking new collaborators, mentors, or clients, Warsaw's coworking community fosters spontaneous encounters that may help your career or business grow.

During breaks, digital nomads may explore Warsaw's rich history by visiting prominent sights such as the Royal Castle and the historic Old Town. Alternatively, they may immerse themselves in the city's modern art scene by visiting galleries and exhibitions that feature the work of local and international artists. The city's green spaces, like Łazienki Park and the Vistula River boulevards, offer peaceful areas for leisure and outdoor recreation. In the evenings, Warsaw comes alive with a booming nightlife culture that includes everything from sophisticated cocktail bars to subterranean clubs where coworkers can unwind and mingle after a long day. Furthermore, Warsaw's central location in Europe makes it an excellent starting point for seeing adjacent cities and countries, enhancing the digital nomad experience.

What is the Cost of Coworking Spaces in Warsaw?

Coworking spaces in Warsaw, Poland, cater to a wide variety of budgets and requirements. Day passes at Warsaw coworking spaces generally cost between $10 and $30 USD per day and include access to shared workplaces, facilities, and networking possibilities for one day. For individuals looking for more flexibility, many coworking spaces offer monthly memberships, with hot desks generally costing $100 to $300 USD per month and providing access to any open office on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individuals or teams seeking greater privacy and dedicated space can find private offices at Warsaw coworking spaces. The cost of private offices varies according to size, location, and facilities provided. Monthly rentals for private offices in Warsaw range from $300 to $800 USD per person for a single occupancy space, with higher fees for bigger offices or prime locations.

Furthermore, some coworking spaces in Warsaw provide specialized facilities or services for certain sectors or purposes, such as creative studios, conference rooms, or event spaces. Prices for these extra services may vary, but they are often added to current subscriptions or hired individually as needed.

What are the Best Coworking Spaces in Warsaw?

Google Maps Rating: 4.5

Biurco is a contemporary and elegant coworking space intended to meet the various demands of workers. This bustling workplace offers fully furnished offices on a prepaid basis, allowing for flexible access based on individual needs. Whether you want solitude or a collaborative setting, Biurco has the ideal answer with peaceful and warm rooms that are free of the rush and bustle of huge open areas. Biurco's strategic position, which includes great metro connections, adds to its appeal and ensures commuter convenience. The facility stands out for its affordability, complimentary furniture, and high-quality office equipment, making it an excellent alternative for professionals looking for a comfortable and cost-effective workspace in Warsaw.

Google Maps Rating: 4.6

Located in Warsaw's historic Hala Koszyki, Mindspace Koszyki provides a one-of-a-kind and stimulating coworking space designed specifically for the requirements of modern workers. This bustling coworking space, which spans approximately 5,500 square meters on six storeys, offers a warm and friendly workplace atmosphere. The area has a wonderful vintage-style design that flawlessly combines worldwide design trends with a local spirit, resulting in a pleasant and calm environment favorable to work and creativity. Members have access to fully equipped private offices, event areas, lounges, and well-appointed kitchens, creating an ideal setting for professional and personal development. Mindspace Koszyki takes pride in its dedication to community development, which includes monthly topic meetings, seminars, and engaging events that allow for plenty of networking and collaboration possibilities.

Google Maps Rating: 4.5

BOBO Coworking, situated in Warsaw's Wola neighborhood, is a newly established coworking space that offers a 24-hour workplace to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small and big businesses. The area provides a variety of flexible alternatives, including private offices, dedicated workstations, and hot desks, making it appropriate for a wide range of professional demands. BOBO Coworking's cutting-edge amenities include fully equipped conference rooms, high-speed internet, a recreational area, and access to a community manager for assistance. The space also includes facilities like a kitchen, rest and leisure spaces, and even the option to play computer games during breaks, providing a well-rounded and productive work atmosphere. Notably, the creative environment, modern architecture, easy location, and networking events all help to make BOBO Coworking a desirable office option in Warsaw.

Google Maps Rating: 4.6

Located in Warsaw's tranquil Mokotow area, ClockWork Mokotow Coworking, provides professionals with a one-of-a-kind and friendly workspace. This coworking space, housed in a single-family home with a gorgeous garden, offers a peaceful setting suited for creative work and casual gatherings. Its close access to public transit, free parking, and virtual office options all contribute to its popularity. The location takes pleasure in accepting digital nomads and freelancers, providing a serene and comfortable environment favorable to work and cooperation.

Google Maps Rating: 4.8

Business Lab Nowy Świat, nestled in Warsaw's historic avenue, provides a premier coworking environment that offers a comfortable setting for workers looking for a break from working in loud cafés or their residences. Business Lab Nowy Świat provides superior facilities, such as complimentary hot drinks and high-speed internet, creating a productive environment. The facility also conducts topical seminars, workshops, and networking events, which offer opportunities for professional development and collaborations. Its excellent position on one of the city's most recognized avenues allows for quick access to a range of cafés, restaurants, and pubs, which enhances the whole work experience.

Google Maps Rating: 4.8

CIC Warsaw, located in the prominent Varso Place, provides a cutting-edge coworking environment covering over 140,000 square meters. The location offers configurable workplaces on flexible terms, including shared workspaces and private offices, to meet the various demands of professionals. CIC Warsaw focuses on establishing a collaborative community and provides a variety of services, including fully-stocked kitchens, dedicated onsite personnel, and unrestricted access to bookable conference rooms and phone booths, assuring a productive and innovative atmosphere. CIC Warsaw's drive to creating a vibrant and inclusive community, together with its all-inclusive services, establishes it as a top choice for professionals and businesses looking for a dynamic coworking space in Warsaw.

Google Maps Rating: 4.4

TworzyMY is a contemporary coworking space located in Warsaw's Praga district. It offers beautifully renovated and atmospheric offices, micro-offices, workstations, and a conference room within a century-old tenement building. This creative hub creates an atmosphere in which varied professions may work and interact with people from all backgrounds who all have a similar trait: creativity. The space allows 24-hour access without the need for access cards, enabling a flexible work environment. Furthermore, TworzyMY supports diversity and a pleasant work atmosphere, which ensures that everyone is at ease and comfortable.

Google Maps Rating: 5

Fantastic Studio, located in Warsaw's vibrant Praga neighborhood, provides a dynamic coworking environment with a variety of amenities catered to professionals' different demands. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers are drawn to the workspace's flexible and creative environment, which includes open-space workstations, micro-offices, virtual office solutions, and a conference room. Fantastic Studio prioritizes establishing a supportive community by providing access to fast, limitless Wi-Fi, printers, and a chill-out space with cooking facilities, all of which promote productivity and cooperation. The space's dedication to assisting young entrepreneurs and freelancers is shown in its welcoming and visually appealing setting, which is great for increasing creativity and job satisfaction. Professionals can also use the option of renting a conference room for presentations, team meetings, or training.

Google Maps Rating: 4.7

Tu Lubię Coworking provides a warm and inclusive atmosphere for professionals and businesses. With two houses on the same street, this coworking facility offers a unique combination of offices, coworking areas, and meeting rooms. The facility provides customizable membership choices, starting at €170 per month for unrestricted hotdesking, making it an economical and handy solution for professionals looking for a suitable workspace. Members may take advantage of ergonomic swivel chairs, scanning/copying equipment, lockable cabinets, a large reception space, a lovely garden, and a balcony for some fresh air. The dedication to building a supportive community is demonstrated by the offering of business advising sessions, networking events, and weekly morning breakfasts, which promote collaborations and professional progress.

Google Maps Rating: 4.7

Business Link Astoria is a contemporary center for professionals looking for flexible office options and welcoming work settings. This premium site exemplifies the idea of a well-connected workspace, providing hybrid work solutions and flexible serviced offices tailored for the current day. The workplace interiors, inspired by New York-style hotel lobbies, radiate elegance and attention to detail, creating an ideal atmosphere for improved team productivity and organizational management. Notably, the area has attractive conference rooms with views of the landmark Palace of Culture, a green rooftop terrace, and a skilled Customer Care staff, assuring a pleasant and productive working environment.

Google Maps Rating: 4.7

ClockWork Ursynów Coworking provides a calm and modern coworking environment ideal for micro-offices, start-ups, and digital nomads. The facility has four micro-offices, a small coaching room, a 12-person meeting room, a community kitchen, and a common area to accommodate a variety of work preferences. The location near the Stokłosy subterranean station and municipal bike station provides easy access for professionals. The facility provides members with flexibility and practicality by offering a virtual office and complimentary public parking. The peaceful surroundings, along with the availability of different utilities, create an ideal setting for production and cooperation. ClockWork Ursynów Coworking's combination of contemporary amenities, a tranquil environment, and helpful services make it an enticing option for professionals looking for a well-equipped and pleasant coworking space in Warsaw.

Google Maps Rating: 5

Dobra Coworking is a dynamic and welcoming coworking space for professionals looking for a contemporary and friendly work environment. The facility is part of the Instant Group, which provides a global network of coworking spaces. Dobra Coworking's distinguishing qualities include its great location, ergonomic office furnishings, and pet-friendly policies. The commitment to providing a comfortable and well-equipped workspace makes Dobra Coworking a compelling choice for professionals seeking a vibrant and accommodating coworking environment in Warsaw.

Google Maps Rating: 4.8

CitySpace Plac Unii is recognized for providing high-quality and conveniently placed workplaces, making it an excellent alternative for professionals and organizations. CitySpace Plac Unii, which spans over 18,000 square meters, provides a welcoming and modern atmosphere, offering serviced, hybrid, and virtual offices, as well as conference spaces, on flexible, short-term contracts. The facility's ideal location provides easy access to vital city facilities such as restaurants, cafés, shopping malls, and cultural institutions, resulting in a well-connected and convenient work environment. Furthermore, its closeness to transit centers such as trams, bus lines, and the metro offers good connectivity to the city.

Google Maps Rating: 4.5

The Zebra Business Link coworking space provides a variety of flexible and serviced office alternatives designed to accommodate various work types and styles.The facility is part of a network of 16 great offices in Poland's main cities, forming a supportive community of over 1000 businesses that might become clients or partners. Its spacious communal areas encourage concentrated work, while the conference facilities facilitate the smooth organizing of big training courses or conferences. Zebra Business Link also provides an accelerator to help firms grow, as well as the opportunity to be financed through collaboration with investment trusts. Zebra Business Link's dedication to helping professionals who operate in a hybrid mode, offering contemporary and ergonomic workspaces, and establishing an optimal working environment promotes enhanced productivity and creative growth.

Google Maps Rating: 4.3

Gold Place, a prominent coworking and virtual office facility in the center of Warsaw, provides a variety of business support services, including coworking, virtual office, accountancy, and ready-made companies. With a qualified and dedicated team of legal, tax, and administrative experts, Gold Place delivers a high standard of service, paying attention to the smallest details. The location offers a premium company registration address, high-speed internet, leisure rooms, reception services, office equipment, and other amenities. The coworking space fosters creativity, while conference rooms are accessible on demand and ideal for training, recruiting, and business meetings. Gold Place's flexible contract allows professionals to work in a high-class office without requiring a long-term commitment, making it a great alternative for small enterprises and freelancers.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Warsaw

Warsaw's dynamic coworking environment, coupled with its vibrant atmosphere, networking opportunities, and diverse range of experiences, solidifies its status as an ideal city for digital nomads. Coworking in Warsaw offers the ideal combination of professional development, cultural immersion, and adventure, making it an enticing location for digital nomads looking to make the most of their remote working lifestyle.

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