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20 Best Coworking Spaces in Krakow for Digital Nomads and Startups

Embark on a tour of Kraków's most exciting and innovative coworking spaces! Here, we'll dive into the dynamic world of 20 coworking hubs that go beyond traditional work environments. From artistic havens to tech-driven hubs, discover the diverse and inspiring spaces that empower professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike. Get ready to explore the thriving coworking scene in Kraków, where collaboration and creativity know no bounds.

Coworking Spaces in Krakow for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Krakow for Digital Nomads and Startups

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How Many Coworking Spaces are in Krakow?

Krakow boasts over 20 coworking spaces, with Coworking Rynek 28, Kalafiornia Coworking & Offices, and COWORKING Kraków BIóRO among the popular choices. These spaces offer diverse amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and coffee shops, catering to various professional needs through flexible membership plans.

The city's tech scene and attractive location have contributed to the rapid growth of coworking spaces, making Krakow a favored destination for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. When selecting a coworking space, consider your requirements, budget, and preferred location within the city. With an array of options available, you'll undoubtedly discover the ideal coworking haven in Krakow to suit your work style and preferences.

How Much Does a Coworking Space Cost in Krakow?

The cost of a coworking space in Krakow varies depending on the location, amenities, and membership plan. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from 300 to 1,000 zlotys per month (USD $75 to $USD 250) for a coworking space in Krakow.

Here is a breakdown of the average costs of different types of coworking spaces in Krakow:

  • Hot desk: A hot desk is a shared desk that you can use on a daily or monthly basis. Hot desks typically cost between 300 and 500 zlotys per month (USD $75 – $125).

  • Dedicated desk: A dedicated desk is a fixed desk that you can use exclusively. Dedicated desks typically cost between 500 and 800 zlotys per month (USD $125 – $200).

  • Private office: A private office is a dedicated office that you can rent for your team or yourself. Private offices typically cost between 800 and 1,000 zlotys per month (USD $200 – $250).

Of course, these are just average prices. The actual cost of a hot desking in Krakow will depend on the specific space you choose.

What are the Best Coworking Spaces in Krakow?

Here are the 20 best coworking spaces you can find in Krakow:

1. Kalafiornia

Address: Józefa Sarego 18/1, 31-047 Kraków, Poland

Kalafiornia offers a unique coworking experience in the heart of Kraków, seamlessly blending work and leisure. Its standout feature is the expansive rooftop terrace, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline, creating a serene retreat for professionals to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Kraków.

Emphasizing work-life balance, Kalafiornia provides well-equipped workstations, high-speed internet, and modern facilities, fostering productivity. The cozy communal spaces encourage spontaneous interactions and networking opportunities among freelancers, startups, and remote workers.

More than just a workspace, Kalafiornia fosters a vibrant community through regular social events, workshops, and skill-sharing sessions. For digital nomads seeking adventure and relaxation, Kalafiornia's inviting rooftop vistas and supportive community make it an appealing coworking destination.

Kalafiornia Coworking Space
Kalafiornia Coworking Space

2. BIóRO

Address: Jana Sobieskiego 6, 31-136 Kraków, Poland

Located in Kraków's creative quarters, BIóRO exudes an artistic charm with its in-house art gallery and exhibition space. This unique feature allows local artists to showcase their works, creating an inspiring and thought-provoking environment that fuels creativity among its members. Emphasizing versatility, BIóRO offers flexible membership plans tailored to cater to different working styles, including a "Late Bird" package designed for night owls and professionals with non-traditional working hours.

This adaptability allows members to customize their coworking experience according to their individual productivity preferences. BIóRO serves as a vibrant melting pot of diverse talents and ideas, encouraging collaboration, exchange of perspectives, and cross-industry learning. With regular exhibitions, art-related events, and stimulating conversations, BIóRO proves to be a haven for artists, designers, and professionals seeking a coworking space that nourishes both their professional and artistic aspirations.

BIóRO Coworking Space
BIóRO Coworking Space

3. hub:raum Kraków

Address: Przemysłowa 12, 30-701 Kraków, Poland

As part of the prestigious Deutsche Telekom Group, hub:raum Kraków stands out as a coworking space that not only provides practical facilities but also offers startups and entrepreneurs access to a wealth of global resources and support. A notable highlight of hub:raum is its esteemed acceleration program, meticulously designed to nurture and propel early-stage ventures toward success.

By providing mentorship, funding opportunities, and a well-connected network of industry experts, hub:raum empowers budding entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and thrive in the competitive market. Through its support, hub:raum has become a beacon for innovation, attracting forward-thinking startups eager to make their mark in their respective industries.

With an environment fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, hub:raum Kraków emerges as a strategic choice for startups seeking not just a coworking space but also a launchpad for their visionary ventures.

hub:raum Kraków Coworking Space
hub:raum Kraków Coworking Space


Address: Józefitów 8, 30-039 Kraków, Poland

Proudly standing at the intersection of creativity and technology, CLUSTER redefines coworking with its in-house photo studio. This unique offering attracts photographers and creatives, providing them with access to professional lighting equipment and versatile backdrops for their artistic pursuits. The photo studio becomes a haven for professionals seeking to capture stunning visuals and produce captivating content within the vibrant coworking environment.

Beyond its creative allure, CLUSTER is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The workspace incorporates green design elements and actively hosts workshops and events centered around sustainable living, inspiring its members to embrace environmentally conscious choices. With its fusion of creativity, technology, and sustainability, CLUSTER fosters an innovative and dynamic community that thrives on collaboration, making it a coworking space that echoes the spirit of modern creativity and responsible entrepreneurship.

CLUSTER Coworking Space
CLUSTER Coworking Space

5. OffOffice

Address: Bydgoska 6, 30-056 Kraków, Poland

OffOffice embodies the essence of flexibility, offering members a unique "Free Time Package" that accommodates part-time coworking schedules. This thoughtful approach caters to professionals with non-traditional working hours, allowing them to access the workspace during evenings and weekends. This unparalleled flexibility provides members with the freedom to create their own work routines, ensuring their productivity aligns seamlessly with their individual lifestyle preferences.

Beyond its flexible membership options, OffOffice caters to content creators with its soundproofed recording studio. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video recording facilities, this space becomes a sanctuary for podcasters, vloggers, and other creative professionals seeking a professional environment to produce high-quality content. Furthermore, OffOffice fosters a supportive community for freelancers, solopreneurs, and remote workers, hosting regular networking events and activities that encourage collaboration and camaraderie.

For professionals seeking a coworking space that adapts to their unique needs and provides the ideal platform for content creation and connection, OffOffice becomes an obvious choice.

OffOffice Coworking Space
OffOffice Coworking Space

6. Yolk Workspace & Community

Address: Józefa Sarego 5, 31-047 Kraków, Poland

Yolk Workspace & Community goes above and beyond to nourish its members' projects and creative endeavors through its groundbreaking "Yolk Unite" initiative. This pioneering program offers microgrants to support projects and ideas within the coworking community, creating a nurturing environment where ventures can thrive and innovations can take flight. By providing financial support and fostering collaboration, Yolk Workspace & Community becomes a catalyst for creative growth and exploration, empowering members to turn their visions into reality.

Beyond its groundbreaking support system, Yolk Workspace & Community caters to the diverse interests of its members. With a designated gaming room equipped with state-of-the-art consoles, Yolk Workspace & Community becomes a dynamic hub for gamers and tech enthusiasts seeking camaraderie and play. This inclusive approach fosters a diverse and vibrant community, where professionals from various backgrounds come together to share ideas, collaborate, and build lasting connections.

With its innovative support for projects and diverse range of amenities, Yolk Workspace & Community establishes itself as a coworking space that ignites inspiration nurtures talent, and celebrates the power of unity.

Yolk Workspace & Community
Yolk Workspace & Community

7. Czysta Cowork

Address: Czysta 10/5, 31-121 Kraków, Poland

Czysta Cowork shines as a pet-friendly coworking space, embracing the presence of furry companions as an integral part of its welcoming atmosphere. Catering to animal-loving professionals, Czysta Cowork breaks the conventional barriers of workspace norms and creates an inclusive environment where pets can join their human counterparts during the workday.

This pet-friendly approach fosters a sense of comfort, joy, and relaxation, promoting a stress-free work environment and enhancing the overall well-being of its members. Beyond its pet-friendly appeal, Czysta Cowork recognizes the importance of focused work and offers a designated "Quiet Zone." In this tranquil area, members can immerse themselves in deep concentration and uninterrupted productivity.

Additionally, Czysta Cowork becomes a hotspot for networking and community building through its "Startup Saturdays," providing a platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and inspire one another. With its unconventional embrace of pets and commitment to fostering a supportive community, Czysta Cowork creates a unique coworking experience that caters to the diverse needs and passions of its members.

Czysta Cowork
Czysta Cowork

8. Mogilska43 Cowork

Address: Mogilska 43, 31-545 Kraków, Poland

Mogilska43 Cowork stands as another standout pet-friendly coworking space in Kraków, welcoming adorable companions into its vibrant workspace. This pet-friendly approach sets Mogilska43 Cowork apart as a nurturing and inclusive environment, where professionals can experience the comforting presence of their four-legged friends throughout the workday.

In addition to its pet-friendly appeal, Mogilska43 Cowork recognizes the significance of focused work and provides a dedicated "Quiet Zone." Within this serene space, members can delve into deep concentration, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and creativity. Moreover, Mogilska43 Cowork establishes itself as a collaborative hub through its "Startup Saturdays." These engaging events facilitate networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, offering a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and grow their ventures.

With its unique blend of pet-friendly warmth, focus on productivity, and emphasis on community-building, Mogilska43 Cowork stands as a welcoming coworking space that caters to the diverse preferences and professional aspirations of its members.

Mogilska43 Cowork
Mogilska43 Cowork

9. Business Link High5ive

Address: Pawia 9, 31-154 Kraków, Poland

Business Link High5ive goes beyond offering traditional coworking space, taking an innovative approach to supporting startups and entrepreneurs. A notable highlight is its "VR & AR Zone," providing members with cutting-edge technologies to explore virtual and augmented reality experiences. This dedicated space becomes a playground for professionals in the tech industry, allowing them to immerse themselves in the limitless possibilities of VR and AR applications.

Furthermore, Business Link High5ive serves as a bridge between startups and investors, organizing events and networking opportunities that connect members with potential funding sources. Through its comprehensive support system, Business Link High5ive becomes a strategic partner for startups, empowering them to navigate the competitive landscape and accelerate their growth. With its forward-thinking approach to technology, connectivity, and business support, Business Link High5ive emerges as a coworking space that fosters innovation, propels startups towards success, and creates a dynamic community of visionaries.

Business Link High5ive Coworking Space
Business Link High5ive Coworking Space

10. Point Office

Address: Aleksandra Lubomirskiego 27/1, 31-509 Kraków, Poland

Point Office stands out for its innovative approach to promoting a healthy work-life balance among its members. It offers a unique "Work & Gym" package, combining coworking access with gym membership, encouraging professionals to prioritize their physical well-being alongside their professional pursuits.

This forward-thinking approach recognizes the interconnectedness of physical health and productivity, providing members with the tools to maintain a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle. Additionally, Point Office offers a "Mentor on Demand" program, providing personalized advice and guidance to members seeking support on their entrepreneurial journey. This invaluable resource connects members with experienced mentors, offering them insights and wisdom to overcome challenges and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, Point Office creates opportunities for members to showcase their ventures through "Pitch Days," allowing startups to present their ideas to potential investors and stakeholders. With its focus on health, mentorship, and networking, Point Office becomes a dynamic coworking space that nurtures the success and well-being of its members.

Point Office Coworking Space
Point Office Coworking Space

11. Regus

Address: Al Pokoju 1 K1, 11th and, 31-548 Kraków, Poland

As a global coworking giant, Regus takes coworking to new heights with its extensive network of flexible workspaces worldwide. The allure of Regus lies in its ability to provide professionals with access to an array of coworking locations across the globe, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility for individuals and corporate teams alike. The seamless integration of Regus' workspaces allows members to transition effortlessly between different cities and countries while retaining access to the amenities and services they rely on.

Beyond its widespread presence, Regus offers professional services and amenities, catering to the diverse needs of its members. Whether seeking a private office for focused work or a collaborative coworking space to interact with like-minded professionals, Regus delivers an array of tailored solutions. With its global reach, versatile offerings, and commitment to providing top-notch coworking experiences, Regus establishes itself as a preferred choice for individuals and organizations seeking a cohesive coworking solution across the world.

Regus Coworking Space
Regus Coworking Space

12. Spaces

Address:13 Cieszynska street, Fabryka Kart, 30-015 Kraków, Poland

Spaces reshapes the traditional concept of coworking, empowering its members to "Design Your Own Office." This innovative approach allows professionals to tailor their workspace to suit their unique preferences and requirements. With a wide range of flexible office solutions, including private offices, coworking areas, and meeting rooms, Spaces offers members the freedom to curate their ideal work environment. This focus on customization ensures that each member's workspace aligns perfectly with their individual work styles, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

Through its emphasis on personalized workspaces, Spaces also embraces the spirit of collaboration through its "Business Club." This exclusive membership allows members to access Spaces' coworking locations worldwide, facilitating global networking and cross-collaboration. With its commitment to flexibility, community-building, and personalized work experiences, Spaces becomes a coworking destination that champions creativity, productivity, and connection among its diverse community of professionals.

Spaces Coworking
Spaces Coworking

13. Loftmill

Address: Kurniki 9, 31-156 Kraków, Poland

Loftmill distinguishes itself as a coworking space that resonates with the artistic soul within its members. At the heart of its creative allure lies the captivating "Art Lounge," a dedicated space that hosts rotating art exhibitions and creative installations. This inspiring backdrop not only infuses the workspace with artistic flair but also invites local artists to showcase their works, creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment that sparks imagination and curiosity.

The Art Lounge becomes a hub for artists, designers, and creative professionals seeking a vibrant space to find inspiration and explore diverse artistic expressions. Beyond its artistic charm, Loftmill prioritizes community-building, providing cozy communal spaces that encourage spontaneous interactions and networking opportunities among its members. These engagements foster collaboration, cross-disciplinary learning, and the forging of meaningful connections.

For professionals seeking a coworking space that doubles as an art gallery and embraces the spirit of creative camaraderie, Loftmill becomes an inviting destination that celebrates the fusion of art and work.

Loftmill Coworking Space
Loftmill Coworking Space

14. Chilliflex Imperial

Address:Wadowicka 7, 30-437 Kraków, Poland

Chilliflex Imperial offers a refreshing twist to coworking with its distinctive "Relaxation Zone." This inviting space is dedicated to fostering a healthy work-life balance, inviting members to unwind and recharge during their workday. Equipped with board games and video games, the Relaxation Zone becomes a recreational haven, allowing professionals to take engaging breaks and engage in leisure activities that stimulate the mind and provide moments of relaxation.

Also, Chilliflex Imperial hosts "Chilli Talks," inviting guest speakers to share insights and expertise with the community. These stimulating conversations foster knowledge exchange, inspire fresh perspectives, and encourage members to stay curious and informed. Moreover, Chilliflex Imperial recognizes the importance of mindfulness and offers a tranquil "Meditation Room," where members can seek moments of tranquility and rejuvenation.

With its focus on work-life balance, engaging activities, and spaces for reflection, Chilliflex Imperial emerges as a coworking space that prioritizes the holistic well-being of its members, providing an environment where productivity thrives in harmony with relaxation.

Chilliflex Imperial Coworking Space
Chilliflex Imperial Coworking Space


Address: Aleja Zygmunta Krasińskiego 17/5, 31-111 Kraków, Poland

FIND YOUR WAY stands as an empowering coworking space that elevates the professional journey of its members through its revolutionary "Venture Mentoring" program. This transformative initiative provides startups and entrepreneurs with personalized guidance from seasoned mentors, allowing them to tap into a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

The Venture Mentoring program empowers early-stage ventures to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and seize opportunities for growth. Additionally, FIND YOUR WAY offers access to a fully equipped podcast studio, catering to content creators seeking a professional setting to launch their own shows. This comprehensive support system extends beyond mentorship, as FIND YOUR WAY hosts "Innovation Workshops" designed to foster creative problem-solving and ideation among its members.

Having its emphasis on mentorship, innovation, and empowering resources, FIND YOUR WAY becomes a dynamic coworking space that paves the path for ambitious startups and aspiring content creators.

FIND YOUR WAY Coworking Space
FIND YOUR WAY Coworking Space

16. Studio Coworking

Address: Królewska 2/2, 30-045 Kraków, Poland

Studio Coworking stands as a haven for creative professionals in Kraków, offering an array of amenities and specialized features tailored to inspire and elevate their work. At the heart of its creative allure lies the "Photographer's Studio," providing photographers with access to professional lighting equipment and versatile backdrops. This dedicated space becomes a dynamic playground for photographers seeking a well-equipped environment to bring their creative visions to life.

Moreover, Studio Coworking fosters an atmosphere of learning and inspiration through its "Library Lounge," featuring a curated collection of resources and materials. This wellspring of knowledge becomes a valuable resource for professionals seeking inspiration and expertise across various disciplines. Additionally, Studio Coworking hosts "Industry Meetups," facilitating collaboration and networking among like-minded professionals.

These engaging events create opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning and the exchange of ideas, further enriching the creative community within Studio Coworking. For creative professionals seeking a coworking space that fuels their artistic passion and encourages continuous learning, Studio Coworking becomes an inviting destination that celebrates creativity in all its forms.

Studio Coworking
Studio Coworking

17. CitySpace O3 Business Campus

Address: Opolska 110, 31-355 Kraków, Poland

CitySpace O3 Business Campus emerges as a strategic choice for startups and entrepreneurs, offering a dynamic coworking environment within the bustling O3 Business Campus. A standout feature is its "Business Incubator," providing startups with valuable mentorship and networking opportunities to accelerate their growth. This comprehensive support system becomes a catalyst for early-stage ventures, propelling them toward success in their respective industries. CitySpace O3 Business Campus fosters innovation by collaborating with local universities and research institutions, creating a dynamic ecosystem for tech-focused events and idea-sharing.

This collaborative approach connects members with the latest developments and trends in the tech world, empowering them to stay at the forefront of their industries. With its emphasis on business support, collaboration, and access to cutting-edge resources, CitySpace O3 Business Campus stands as a thriving coworking space for startups seeking a strategic launchpad to fuel their entrepreneurial journey.

CitySpace O3 Business Campus
CitySpace O3 Business Campus

18. Bizneslab Olszańska

Address: Olszańska 7, 31-513 Kraków, Poland

As an innovation hub, Bizneslab Olszańska caters to tech, design, and innovation professionals, creating an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. A standout feature is its designated "Innovation Lab," providing members with cutting-edge technologies and equipment to explore innovative ideas and projects. This well-equipped space becomes a playground for professionals seeking to experiment, develop prototypes, and bring visionary concepts to life.

Bizneslab Olszańska further enriches the coworking experience through its "Mentor Circle," connecting members with experienced mentors who provide invaluable guidance and insights. This personalized support system empowers professionals to overcome challenges and make informed decisions on their entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, Bizneslab Olszańska stands as a vibrant networking hub, hosting events and activities that facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange, and skill-sharing. With its focus on innovation, mentorship, and community-building, Bizneslab Olszańska becomes a thriving coworking space that cultivates a spirit of ingenuity and exploration among its members.

Bizneslab Olszańska Coworking Space
Bizneslab Olszańska Coworking Space


Address: Josepha Conrada 51, 31-357 Kraków, Poland

IDEA OFFICE embraces the spirit of versatility and efficiency, offering its members access to a soundproof phone booth. This thoughtful addition ensures privacy during calls and fosters a focused work environment for professionals who require uninterrupted communication. IDEA OFFICE provides a conducive workspace for individuals and teams seeking productivity, equipped with modern amenities and services that cater to various professional needs.

The coworking space becomes a hub for collaboration and ideation, encouraging professionals to brainstorm and share ideas across diverse disciplines. Moreover, IDEA OFFICE hosts engaging "Idea Labs," facilitating cross-industry learning and creative problem-solving among its members.

These interactive sessions become an avenue for inspiration, encouraging professionals to explore innovative approaches and forge meaningful connections. With its focus on efficiency, collaboration, and creative exploration, IDEA OFFICE establishes itself as a coworking destination that empowers professionals to turn their ideas into tangible realities.

IDEA OFFICE Coworking Space
IDEA OFFICE Coworking Space

20. Office&Cowork Centre

Address: Dolnych Młynów 3/1, 31-224 Kraków, Poland

Office&Cowork Centre goes beyond providing standard coworking amenities, offering professionals access to a fully equipped "Multimedia Room." This dynamic space becomes a haven for content creators, allowing them to conduct video editing, recording, and content production in a professional setting. The Multimedia Room caters to the diverse needs of photographers, videographers, podcasters, and other creative professionals, providing state-of-the-art facilities to bring their visions to life.

Furthermore, Office&Cowork Centre actively fosters a sense of community through its "Coworker Socials," organizing engaging events that encourage networking, collaboration, and camaraderie among its members. These social interactions create opportunities for professionals to build lasting connections and explore potential partnerships.

Additionally, Office&Cowork Centre supports the continuous growth and development of its members through its "Learning Library," providing access to a curated collection of educational resources and materials. This commitment to empowering its members with practical amenities and a supportive community solidifies Office&Cowork Centre as a coworking space that embraces creativity, knowledge-sharing, and meaningful connections.

Office&Cowork Centre
Office&Cowork Centre

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Krakow

Explore Kraków's eclectic coworking scene with this comprehensive guide to 20 unique and inspiring spaces. From pet-friendly havens to state-of-the-art tech hubs, each workspace offers a distinctive experience for professionals seeking collaboration and productivity. Discover the vibrant coworking landscape of Kraków, where creativity and innovation flourish in dynamic work environments.


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