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How to Create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) Account

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and efficiently implement and manage various tracking codes on your website or mobile app, generally known as tags. The tags are code snippets that gather and communicate data to third-party analytics tools, advertising platforms, or other marketing tools; such as Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, and more. Simply put, you need to deploy tag configurations for analytics and data tracking purposes. This quick and easy guide will show you how to create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account!


Looking for help or support on Google Tag Manager?


In case you prefer watching a video tutorial, here's a 3-minute tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel.

Topics Covered:

Step 1️: Access Google Tag Manager and click on Start for free

Step 2: Insert your account name under the Account Name and select your country

Step 3: Insert your Container name under Container Name

Step 4: Select where you are going to use your Google Tag Manager (Website, IOS App, Android App, AMP page, or Server)

Step 5: Click on Create

Step 6: Review and accept the legal agreement

Step 7: Follow the instructions to insert the Google Tag Manager Tracking code to all pages of your website


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