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How to Find Your Referral Traffic Sources in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Today we are answering one of the requested tutorials on our YouTube channel, which is "How to find referral traffic sources in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?". It's very simple and easy to do, so follow this tutorial to find your referral traffic information in Google Analytics 4!


Looking for help or support on Google Analytics 4?


In case you prefer watching a video tutorial instead, here's a 2-minute tutorial you can find from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:

1. Navigate to your Traffic Acquisition Report

2. Click on the dropdown menu in the first column

3. Select Session Source / Medium as your dimension

4. Use the search bar and search for "referral"

1 Comment

Oct 24, 2023
Hello! I'm having a problem with Google Console and I can't get all the information I need. I could record a video for you using a free screen recorder and send it to you by email or on social networks.
Please answer if you can help me.
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