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Install Google Tag Manager in WordPress

If it's the first time you dabbled in WordPress and you're wondering how to start tracking your web activities, then you're at the right place. This simple, step-by-step guide (with tutorials) will show you how to install Google Tag Manager in WordPress. Let's get started straight away!

Also, in case you prefer a video tutorial, here's a quick, 5-minute tutorial you can check out from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:


Step 1: Create a Google Tag Manager and Container

1. Navigate to and click Create Account

2. Account setup: insert name and country

3. Container setup: insert container name and select location of installation (i.e. website, Android/iOS application, etc)

4. Click Create and agree to the Terms and Conditions

You'll land on a screen with instructions about GTM installation codes, in which you have to copy and paste the codes into the <head> and after the opening <body> tag.

In case you accidentally close the instruction panel, you can navigate to Admin > Install Google Tag Manager to find the codes.

Step 2: Navigate to your WP website's dashboard

Step 3: Install and activate the WP Code Plugin

1. Click on Plugins and click on Add New

2. Search the plugin titled "WP Code" and click Install Now. You can use other similar plugins but this is the one that we recommend as it is the smoothest and easiest plugin to help you install the GTM.

3. Click on Activate

Step 4: Navigate to Code Snippets and select Header & Footer

Step 5: Copy and paste the GTM tracking codes to the Header and Body

Step 6: Save changes

Step 7: Verify if you have installed the GTM correctly

1. Navigate to the Chrome store and install the Tag Assistant Legacy (Google)

2. Visit your website and activate the Tag Assistant

4. Enable the Tag Assistant

5. Refresh the website and reactivate the Tag Assistant. All the Google Tags on your website will be displayed and you should be able to see the GTM with the unique identification number that you used to install on your WordPress website along with a smiley green face.


Now you're all set! You can start creating events and managing tags to track your web activities and get insights to power your campaigns!


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